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5 Advantages of Attending an IB School

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Apr 20, 2017 3:22:46 AM

When choosing the right school for your child’s learning path, you should strongly consider an IB school in Brampton. There are many benefits to choosing an IB school, check out our list below, so you can ensure you make the right choice for your family.

  1. Diversity

Diversity is one obvious; students learn in an environment surrounded by those from other cultures and backgrounds, so they can enhance their own learning. Having a more diverse circle of students means being able to draw on their individual strengths; for example, one culture may put a heavy emphasis on hard work and intense study, while a student from another area may be accustomed to critical thinking and asking questions during the learning process. When enrolled in an international or IB middle schools in Brampton, a student can then enhance their own learning abilities by this diversity.

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  1. Language

Learning a new language is often part of the coursework in IB schools in Brampton, but note that learning a language means more than just memorizing words from a book. Languages often have variations in how words are pronounced depending on their meaning, and adding a slight accent can actually make learning that language easier. Being exposed to native speakers of a language in IB secondary schools in Brampton can then make it easier to learn, memorize, and properly speak that foreign language.


  1. Learning culture

Another advantage of any international school is that a student will learn about the culture in foreign countries. This can be very important for when a person enters the job market, as many industries import or export international goods or sell to those of another culture. Global companies champion new hires that engage work challenges from an international perspective. Attending diverse IB schools in Brampton can mean a better understanding of those cultures and, in turn, a better understanding of another country’s customs, habits, lifestyle, products needed, and other such factors that can make a person better successful in their chosen career.

  1. Welcoming atmosphere

An international school will have a welcoming atmosphere in order for it to accommodate students from different countries and cultures. In turn, a student from the native country may also feel more welcome in that school. This can be important if that student doesn’t share the same values or beliefs that are common in their native country, and they can learn self-confidence and self-respect when in an atmosphere that welcomes a diverse mix of study habits and practices.

  1. Self-respect and confidence
An IB program in Canada that welcomes international students may have Canada-native students to assist new classmates who need help in learning English, Canadian customs, and their own multicultural studies. A native student who assists their fellow students will learn a sense of self-respect and self-confidence from helping others in their university; in turn, they will feel more confident in their later studies and in their chosen career.

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