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Advantages of Private Schools

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Sep 19, 2016 10:00:00 AM

A decision about your kids' education is one of the most important and difficult decisions most parents make during their life. The major debate lies between taking the default choice, and sending your child to a public school, or enroll them in a private one.


While many people are familiar with the public education path, Private education in the GTA is somewhat unknown to many. There are, however, many private schools in Mississauga and Brampton for you to choose from, each with its own unique approach and properties.

In the following text we'll try to shed some light on the mystery of private education. We wholeheartedly believe that parents deserve to have all the necessary information before they make this far-reaching decision on behalf of their child.

First thing to consider when choosing between public and private Mississauga school, is the quality of provided education.

While public schools have all the necessary courses required by the authorities, most, if not all  private schools in Brampton and Mississauga offer a rich assortment of extracurricular activities, all of which will enrich your child's knowledge and erudition, better preparing them for future careers.

An individual approach.

Public school classrooms are big, which makes this hard to expect. Having unionized teachers is generally a good thing, but it does create a difficulty when an underperforming educator needs to be disciplined or replaced. Private schools have none of those problems.

They also offer better communication and feedback with parents, as well as lots of help with studies outside of the classroom in the form of tutors and counseling.

Private schools in Brampton and Mississauga are oriented to give a feeling of personal attention and care.

  • Classes are much smaller (often by as much as 100%, to be exact). This allows the teacher to spot behavioral or educational problems before they might get out of hand.
  • Highly qualified teams of professionals are chosen by the highest standards possible. Private schools in Brampton and Mississauga are created to provide the child the best educational experience possible.

While private education in GTA may not have a common standard for teacher-parent-pupil communications, almost all private schools have advanced means to provide them.

A good example some schools have is an interactive blog, written by the teachers on a daily basis with full pupil and parent access.  At St. Jude’s Academy every teacher has a classroom blog to communicate the day to parents.

Want to know more about St. Jude’s Academy, our outstanding facilities and advanced teaching methods? Call us now and we’ll be glad to show you around.


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