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Do IB Students Perform Better in University?

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Jun 2, 2017 7:10:43 AM

While many individuals are aware of the fact that International Baccalaureate schools focus on delivering a premier learning experience to its student body, many question whether it has a significant impact as they progress into post-secondary education. Before looking at the admissions process into an IB program in Ontario, you should have a strong grasp of the advantages associated with this academic investment. As schools become increasingly competitive, helping your kids prepare during their developmental years will allow them to thrive in university, and eventually land a suitable career in the future.

With the rigorous preparation required for university, does the IB curriculum effectively prepare students for the challenges of university? Students that can manage a demanding schedule, improve their work ethic, and develop strong writing skills will be able to adapt in the new environment, and effortlessly prepare for the transition by attending an IB school. Parents can assist their children in developing strong study habits, solving problems in a critical manner, and prioritizing the most important work that needs to get done. This assistance is crucial as they will not be surprised when university professors assign extremely lengthly, complex readings and problem sets.


While it does depend on the student and their goals, the IB program does offer comprehensive help to students once they move on to higher education. Children between the ages of three to nineteen are offered the full continuum of education which shed light on all six learning areas. The IB diploma benefits students that want to gain admission into competitive school programs by giving them that upper hand. An international focus challenges students to think critically and form abstract connections, which is vital when preparing term papers or writing an exam. This form of learning also assumes students are likely to enrol in multidisciplinary programs, as well as grasp coursework faster than their fellow peers.

IB school learners are also given the option of opting to do the IB Diploma Program (DP) in the last two years of high school. The IB Diploma Program (DP) benefits students by preparing them for higher learning, and equips them with a new skills set which is crucial for their success in college or university. While other students are still getting their bearings, your child will have been pre-exposed to the type of work expected of a university student. In their first term of university, they are more likely to perform better as they already possess strong academic skills and work ethic. When students move away from home, managing independence on top of school can be overwhelming, however the IB program can help lighten the load and give your child the tools and resources to succeed.

If post-secondary education is your priority, enrolling in an IB program will allows you to invest in a more brighter future for your family.

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