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Choosing Between The Best Private Schools in Mississauga

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Jun 13, 2016 4:25:17 PM


Choosing a private school is a decision that will influence your child’s life for many years to come. It will be the difference between mediocrity and excellence in their school, university achievements, and future careers.

Academic Level and Child’s Needs

Only the best private schools in Mississauga offering the Ontario Secondary School Diploma follow the province’s curriculum, providing an adequate level of education and preparation for the Canadian or International University Entrance Requirements.

There are several independent organizations, such as CESI (Canadian Educational Standards Institute) and CAIS (Canadian Association of Independent Schools) that accredit private schools for a certain level of education.

The specific needs of your child are also very important. If there are some learning difficulties, diagnosed or otherwise, you might wish to find a school that accommodates those special needs, offering supportive, attentive education to the child.

This also pertains to the question of choosing a mixed-gender or single gender schooling system. Either approach has merits, and the choice will eventually depend on your child’s needs. If there is more need to focus on socialization, then a mixed-gender school would be better, for example. If your child is socializing well enough after school, the single-sex school will minimize gender-related distractions, allowing your child to focus on his or her studies.

Talk to Parents and Visit Online Forums

Before you visit the school itself, go to where parents discuss their kids’ school. People share this information willingly, and you will immediately know if a school has any problems you should be aware of, or if it is a good choice for your child. You will value having this group of support later, for common activities and information sharing. Parents are a natural group and come together with ease.

Teachers, Discipline and Atmosphere

When you visit the school, take a look at student to student and student to teacher interactions. Do the teachers seem to enjoy their work? Is there genuine concern showing in their attitude towards the students? Is there any sign of obvious tension or are the students happy?

Speak to students and their parents, to see if they are happy with the level of study they are receiving. Ask about the curriculum, grading policies and homework schedule. Don’t forget to make sure that the information technology education is also adequate to the 21st century’s growing demand.

The Bottom Line

What you need is to set up your child for excellence, while taking into account his or her academic and social needs. Look for an accredited private high school - there are several private schools in Mississauga that answer this criterion.

This may not include all considerations, but it does cover the essentials necessary to choose a private high school in Mississauga Ontario.

If you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call and schedule a visit to St. Jude’s Academy, one of the most reputable private schools in the Province.

When you are trying to decide between the best private schools in Mississauga, there is a way to make the search and decision making simpler. All you need to do is evaluate the school by a list of priorities.

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