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Reasons Why Universities Prefer International Baccalaureate School Students

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Nov 7, 2016 2:43:00 AM

Modern life is full of competition. We compete to be the best students, the best professionals, the best co-workers. We compete for a new job or for improving our positions within our current employment.

In many ways, life is all about competition.

One of the more important challenges your child will go through is competing with other applicants for a University admission.

This is why so many people recognize the importance of academic education, which in turn gives Universities a large pool of applicants to choose from.

The best way for your child to raise his or her chances of being accepted to a University is to study in an international baccalaureate (IB) program during his or her school years

International Baccalaureate Schools in Mississauga

Here are Some Reasons Why this is Very True:

Academic studies tend to be extremely intensive and stressful. A stressed student naturally doesn’t do as well. Therefore, universities tend to accept students that have previous experience with academic studies or a pre-academic preparation. IB schools in Mississauga, such as St. Jude’s Academy, incorporate various academic courses as a part of their IB diploma program.

A university naturally prefers a student that can easily adapt to a new reality. St Jude's Academy is an IB school, where your child will be honed to just that type of excellence. Skills like critical thinking and self-confidence are just a few important parts of the IB training that are guaranteed to score a few more points for your son or daughter towards being accepted by the University over other applicants.

The IB diploma is an excellent example of such proof. The IB program contains 6 diverse courses and 3 core elements that are essential to master University admission skills.

University admission advisors prefer applicants that have a proven ability for dealing with situations that require multitasking skills and who have a more profound understanding of maths, business and sciences than other schools can provide.

Want to know more about IB schools in Mississauga and the IB diploma program in general?

Contact St. Jude’s Academy and we will happily provide you with all the details!

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