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To IB or not to IB: Why study at an IB school?

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Apr 3, 2017 7:21:42 AM

If you’re in Toronto and need to assist your child with deciding on what path of education to follow, you might investigate international baccalaureate schools. If you’ve never thought of an IB school or program of learning, you may simply need to know more about this programme so you can determine if it’s the right choice for you. Since so much of your future depends on your education, or your child’s education, note a few factors about the international baccalaureate curriculum so you can decide if this is the right choice for your family.


The international baccalaureate curriculum is provided by a school belonging to the International Baccalaureate Schools of Ontario, or IBSO. This organization was formed in 1999 in order to bring together 12 different schools that held the same goals for its students in providing baccalaureate programs. Today there are many more international baccalaureate schools in this programme, ensuring you’ll find one that is right for you or your child.

The IBSO itself exists to allow these schools to collaborate on programmes and best practices that can benefit their students, thereby drawing on individual experiences and helping other schools to better enhance their programmes with an international structure of learning.

The IBSO has three branches or programmes, each of which is meant to assist students with the schooling that best fits their current needs. These include the Primary Year’s Programme, the Middle Year’s Programme and the Diploma Programme.

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Benefits of programmes

One of the benefits of the programmes offered by these international baccalaureate schools is that students learn to appreciate an international culture; they will learn a foreign language through the programme, as an example. They are encouraged to see their learning as part of an international experience and in a full global context, which is needed in today’s global marketplace and dwindling international borders.

Another benefit of an international baccalaureate high school in Mississauga is that students are encouraged to be self-driven and to think critically, questioning what they learn. This can allow them to develop their skills as thinkers rather than simply memorizing random facts in order to pass tests, a skill that students will need once they enter the job market and establish themselves in any career. This ability to think critically is often lost on students in other programmes that are focused on assessments and testing rather than on problem solving.

Choosing an IB programme

No two students are alike in their needs and their career goals, which is why students and parents would do well to carefully consider international baccalaureate schools and their programmes. A self-driven programme may not be the right choice for some students, but for those who are looking for careers that will force them to compete in a global marketplace and to better understand other cultures and societies, an IBSO programme may be the right choice. The focus on learning as well as ethics and culture can move any student forward in a programme that gives them an overall enriching experience in their everyday learning.

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