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Reflections on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Dec 27, 2017 8:34:01 AM

During my 22 years in as an IB teacher, diploma coordinator, IB examiner, consultant, workshop leader, site visitor and evaluator, I have had the opportunity to witness the many benefits gained by all students, teachers and schools, offering IB programmes.

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3 Effective Ways to Prepare for IB Success This Summer

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Apr 12, 2017 8:35:33 AM

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is a program that designed to prepare students for more success in higher education and career planning. The coursework is not meant to be overly difficult, but offers academic rigor to challenge students to develop critical thinking. Facing that challenge by preparing properly over the summer can mean that your child will have more success with the IB curriculum; read below for a few simple but very effective steps.

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Is International Baccalaureate Diploma a Strong Predictor of Success in Higher Education?

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Mar 18, 2017 7:19:00 AM

When assisting your child to decide on the best schooling, you may want to consider an international baccalaureate diploma, or IB diploma. This type of program includes many aspects of learning that aren’t always covered in standard school coursework, can mean more success for any student later in life.

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Choose an IB school - It's Good for Your Child

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Oct 28, 2016 7:27:00 AM

Private education is becoming very popular in Canada.

There are however, many different types of private schools. They can differ a great deal by various factors, one of which is their educational program. Some schools offer traditional religious education, while others focus on scientific achievements or interesting extracurricular activities, just to name a few options. 

While there is no argument that private schools are generally a preferable choice for your child, only the best private schools in Mississauga offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) preparation program, and St. Jude's Academy is proud to be among them.

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All you need to know about IB Math

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Oct 6, 2016 7:15:22 AM

In our previous blog, we talked about IB course syllabus overview and benefits of IB Schools in Mississauga and Brampton. In this article, we expand on IB Math.

What does IB Math Stand For?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It’s curriculum is composed of six groups of subjects, Math being the fifth. It, in its turn, consists of four different math courses, as follows:

  1. Mathematical Studies Standard Level
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IB Course Syllabus - General Overview and Benefits

Posted by St. Jude's Academy on Jun 29, 2016 8:30:00 PM

Many parents are interested in learning more about the IB school program syllabus, its general outline and the benefits which make it stand out compared to other school programs.

This article is meant to answer both questions in some detail, and give you a good idea of what the IB program is about.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, also known as the IB Program, curriculum is comprised of three Diploma Program core elements, and six subject groups.

The diploma core is set up with the goal of broadening the students’ educational experience and challenging them to a wider application of their analytical skills and acquired knowledge in a productive and creative manner.

The IB Core Elements Are:

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